Community Forum on Black America, Minneapolis, 2016 (photo by Tony Webster)

For Those at a Loss: We Have Work to Do

Anthony Kennedy’s retirement doesn’t change much of the Supreme Court’s actual decision calculus, considering that Kennedy voted with the conservative portion of the court in thirteen 5-4 decisions in this term alone. The panic people are feeling about Kennedy’s retirement is, I feel, the removal of a safety valve that liberals thought existed on the … [Read more…]

A Playlist for a Feminist Future: Bastille Day!

Sandra Nkaké  (photo by Thesupermat)

Today’s playlist celebrates Bastille Day, a worldwide holiday commemorating the explosive storming of the military fortress, Bastille Saint-Antoine, in Paris on July 14, 1789. This act of rebellion sparked a revolution that ended absolute monarchy in France and left a chaotic political and cultural landscape that created opportunities for some of the country’s poorest citizens … [Read more…]

Lindsey Shante on Pushi, Praying, and Living on the Dark, Southern Edge

All photos courtesy of @girlnottoday

  If you know anything about Birmingham, Alabama-based electronic artist Lindsey Shante, you know that she’s always in motion and constantly creating. For her new project, Pushi, she has written and produced a deeply personal song about loss and hope. To celebrate its release, she answered a few questions about her life and her music, and she … [Read more…]

A Week’s Worth of Folks in the News, July 6 Edition

photo by Joe Flood

  Happy Friday, and welcome to our week’s worth of folk/women in the news! We’ll start this week off on a high note. Spanish model, Angela Ponce, won the qualifying title and thus became the first transgender contestant for Miss Universe. While we have a lot of conflicting feels about beauty pageants, especially ones formerly owned … [Read more…]