Sounds from a Feminist South, a Christmas Mix

image by Pedro A.H. Paixão

I have full and abiding respect for all of you who simply tolerate Christmas songs or find them hellish relics of a commercialized trash fire holiday. But, for the rest of you twinkling, glitterbombed carolers, I present my favorite songs of yuletide joy by folx in or from the South. Now, let’s get started because … [Read more…]

Seduction and Ruin: A Quick History of the Age of Consent

Interior (The Rape) by Edgar Degas

One of the things I find fascinating about history is how ideas developed over time. In the wake of Roy Moore’s rightful election defeat, and the women who came forward about his predatory behavior, I’ve been thinking about how our ideas of age of consent came about. It can be easy to assume these laws … [Read more…]

Kate Pyritz Talks King Vulture, the New Album, and Writing What You Feel

King Vulture at Jam Room Fest 2017

  Local Columbia band King Vulture, formed by husband and wife duo Kate and Jared Pyritz, have just released their first full length album.  The band, made up of Kate on vocals and ukulele, Jared on guitar, Evan Simmons on bass, Patrick Funk on guitar, Steve Sancho on drums, and Thomas Hammond on saxophone, comes together … [Read more…]