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Defunding Planned Parenthood Hurts the South: How the Gag Rule Is Reproductive Coercion

  Sexually transmitted diseases and teen birth rates are highest in the American South. This is compounded by the fact that one and a half million U.S. households live in extreme poverty today, nearly double the number from twenty years ago. Planned Parenthood and other health care providers provide critical and preventative health care to … [Read more…]

Music for a Feminist Future: Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Part I

Thao Nguyen of Thao & the Get Down in 2015 (photo by Steven Pisano)

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage month. This week we pay tribute to the Asian and Pacific Islanders who enrich the feminist music scene. From pop to punk and hip hop to rockabilly, these artists defy stereotypes and shows the ways the personal is political. You can also listen to these songs on Unsweetened: A … [Read more…]

Unsweetened’s Guide to New Sounds from the South, Vol. 1

Carsie Blanton (screenshot from Fuck Yourself)

It should now be a tired stereotype that all southern music fits into the country genre helmed by white men who’ve crooned and gaslighted their way to fame and fortune. I grew up with that music, so I know that it’s not just a stereotype; but it’s worth noting that the South is today and … [Read more…]

A New Beat: Athens Hip Hop Artist Mariah Parker Runs for Office

Mariah Parker ii

Last month, we talked to Mariah Parker, front woman of Linqua Franqa and candidate for county commissioner of Georgia’s District 2, primarily situated in Athens, Georgia. The seat is currently vacant with a special election on Tuesday, May 22, after the Commissioner Harry Sims resigned to pursue a mayoral bid. This interview has been condensed … [Read more…]

With a New Kelley McLachlan Song on the Way, We Look Back at The Prairie Willow’s Whiskey

Perrin Skinner, Kelley McLachlan, and Kristen Weber of the Prairie Willows (still from "Whiskey")

The second in our new series of videos highlighting musicians in the South is nearly here. And while filmmakers Josh Rose and Stephen Maluck were shooting the talented Kelley McLachlan, we were reminded of our last collaboration with Kelley when she was in the folky indie rock trio, The Prairie Willows. In retrospect, I think … [Read more…]

Ethel Bolden: Much More than an Astronaut’s Mother

Bolden at Dreher High School

Tonight the University of South Carolina honors astronaut and former Administrator of NASA, Charles Bolden, but we here at Unsweetened, dedicated as we are to the life and times of southern women, would like to remember the life of his mother, Ethel Martin Bolden, who served as an educator and school librarian in the Columbia area for … [Read more…]